Meet The Team

The Team

Ian Stoddart



Ian enjoys understanding clients resilience challenges in terms of the business, technical and cyber perspective and helping identify the “art of the possible” in either point solutions, consultancy or managed services. He has a considerable wealth of real-world experience from responding to many disasters and resilience situations to implementing agile solutions, managing the overall projects and client communications dealing with stakeholders both external and internal to get the right result.

Sean Gane

Veteran Support Centre Manager


Sean brings first-hand knowledge, understanding and empathy to the centre and is passionate about supporting other veterans and anyone with connections to the military who may require company and support. Sean has a wealth of ideas to improve the centre’s services further and to generate greater interest in the site so it can help more people. One feature Sean would like to see implemented is the running of regular art groups, exhibitions, and promotions to help create interest.


Shaun Leavy

Chris Tipping

Alice Mcalpine

Samantha Lewis

Philip Chandler